About Us

Talent North is a full-service Talent Advisory firm with a keen focus on Executive Search, Leadership development and Coaching / Career Transition services.
Founded in 2017, the firm blends principles of military leadership with known and well-accepted corporate leadership techniques. Our team brings to bear their individual and unique experiences imbibed and honed over their careers in marquee organizations such as the Indian Army, McKinsey & Co, GE and Hunt Partners.
These complementary skills and experiences enable us to create a seamless blend of leadership techniques and philosophies relevant for today’s brute corporate environment where aligned and motivated human capital, more than anything else, is the defining factor.

The Talent North Difference

Our philosophy as well as our capabilities revolve around addressing two core human capital challenges that invariably keep business leaders awake – Capability and Intent.
Extensive application of behavior sciences coupled with our ability to comprehend business challenges allows us to translate an actionable strategy that constitutes the bedrock of our solutions.
Our methodology is quintessentially straightforward, and its strength lies in the depth of knowledge and context that we develop with our clients. We believe that everyone we partner with deserves the best out of us and that, for us, means engaging with both – the head and the heart.
Instead of simply telling you how we work, we aim to first understand your business objectives fully. This is followed by an appropriate, tailored solution to the unique needs of your business and specifically designed to realize the full potential of your human capital.